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With everything that society is going through and experiencing, I decided to build a website that offers tips and information for people looking for an extra income, or a financial planning tip for their family. With this idea, the Kiev Portal website was born.

Analyzing the world market, they found that many people have little or no knowledge about personal finance and investments, sometimes treating them as something beyond their reach.

Determined to change this perspective, I decided to build a website with tips and teachings on personal finance for all people interested in the subject.

I seek to bring the best content to people and pass on the maximum amount of information for the path of financial freedom that so many people seek, the idea of Kiev Portal was born, for people to find the necessary knowledge for a good management of their money.

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Our Mission

“Freeing as many people as possible by delivering content on financial education, providing the necessary peace of mind so that everyone can live the life of their dreams without relying exclusively on money.”