App to learn to fix cars


Car fixing apps are a great way to gain auto mechanic knowledge and skills.

These apps offer a hands-on approach to learning, allowing users to experience diagnosing and repairing various problems in a car.


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Some apps are car mechanic simulation games, while others give access to digitized repair manuals or offer diagnoses and solutions to specific problems.

Although these apps can be a good option to learn how to repair cars on your own, it is important to remember that professional training is essential to becoming an experienced and certified auto mechanic.

5 applications to learn to repair cars

Apps to learn how to repair cars offer a wide range of advantages to users interested in auto mechanics.

First of all, these apps are extremely convenient as they allow users to learn in the comfort of their own home or wherever they are.

Additionally, many of these applications are interactive and hands-on, offering users the opportunity to perform diagnostics and repairs in a virtual environment. This can help speed up learning and make it more fun and engaging.

1. Car Mechanic Simulator 18

This is a car mechanic simulation game for mobile devices. It allows you to learn about auto mechanics by diagnosing and repairing various car components.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 is a Simulation game developed by Digital Melody Games and published by PlayWay SA. The game was released in 2018 for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as PC.

The objective of the game is to manage and operate your own mechanic shop, where you can repair and customize various vehicles, from sports cars to heavy trucks. You will have access to a wide variety of tools, parts and equipment to help you perform the necessary tasks.

Throughout the game, you can earn money by completing vehicle repair tasks and use that money to expand your workshop, buy new tools and equipment, and purchase more advanced vehicles to repair and customize.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 has stunning graphics and realistic game mechanics, providing a true mechanic shop management simulation experience.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or an experienced mechanic, Car Mechanic Simulator 18 is a fun and challenging game that you can enjoy on your mobile device or PC.

2. Fix my car

This is another car mechanic simulation game that teaches users how to identify problems in a car and make repairs. It includes several different vehicles and a wide variety of repair tasks.

fix my car is a car mechanic simulation game developed by FireRabbit Inc. for iOS and Android mobile devices. In the game, the player assumes the role of a car mechanic and is responsible for repairing and customizing various vehicles.

The game has a story that follows a rookie mechanic who is tasked with working at a vintage car shop.

Throughout the game, the player will have to complete repair and upgrade tasks to earn money and unlock new tools, parts, and vehicles to work on.

Fix My Car has a simple and easy to use graphical interface that allows the player to interact with the vehicle at a detailed level, including the engine, suspension, brakes, paint and decoration.

In addition, the game features a wide variety of vehicles, from vintage cars to modern sports cars.

The ultimate goal of the game is to build the best auto shop and become a mechanic master. fix my car is a fun and challenging game that can help improve player's knowledge of car mechanics while providing an immersive and realistic simulation experience.

3. Haynes Car Manuals App

This application provides access to car repair manuals in digital format. It provides detailed instructions on how to carry out repairs on various parts of the car.

The Haynes Car Manuals app is a digital version of the famous Haynes car repair manuals.

With the app, users can access a vast library of repair and maintenance manuals for a wide variety of vehicles.

The manuals contain detailed information on the mechanics, electronics, and other aspects of each vehicle, including diagrams, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions for solving common problems and performing maintenance and repair tasks.

The app allows users to easily search for manuals using the model and year of the vehicle, making the process of finding the right manual a breeze. In addition, manuals are regularly updated to include new vehicle models and the latest information.

Haynes Car Manuals App is a useful tool for vehicle owners who want to check and repair their cars themselves, saving money on repair and maintenance costs at the garage.

It's also a great option for professional mechanics who want quick and easy access to repair and maintenance information for a wide variety of vehicles.

YouTube is an amazing source of information on how to fix cars. There are many auto mechanic channels that offer step-by-step tutorials on how to perform car repairs.

YouTube is a very popular platform for learning how to repair cars, with a wide variety of channels dedicated to providing step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks for repairing and maintaining cars. Many channels are maintained by professional mechanics, car enthusiasts, and garage owners who want to share their knowledge and experience with others.

YouTube how-to videos are often organized by vehicle model and year, making it easy for users to find content relevant to their specific vehicle.

In addition, the videos often include detailed information on the tools and parts needed to perform the repair or maintenance task.

Videos can also be an effective way to learn about common problems and solutions to specific issues, such as engine breakdowns, electrical problems, and transmission problems. Many channels also offer tips and tricks to keep your car in good shape and avoid future problems.

Although YouTube is a valuable source of information for learning how to repair cars, it's important to remember that car repair can be dangerous if not done correctly.

It is always important to have the right tools and knowledge before attempting any repair or maintenance on your car.

5. Automate

This app helps to identify problems in a car, offering diagnoses and solutions to those problems. It can also help you keep track of maintenance and repairs.

automated is a task automation application for Android devices that allows users to automate common operating system tasks such as touch screen actions, sending text messages, changing settings, and other repetitive tasks.

The application has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create custom workflows that combine a series of actions to perform complex tasks.

For example, a workflow can be created to automatically send a text message when the user gets home, or to automatically adjust the phone's settings when the battery runs out.

automated allows users to create custom workflows using various predefined actions and triggers such as time of day, location, network connectivity, and battery levels. Users can also create their own custom actions using a visual workflow editor.

Automate is a powerful productivity and time saving tool that allows users to automate routine tasks and focus on more important ones.

It is especially useful for users who perform repetitive tasks on their mobile phone, such as business executives, remote workers, and business owners who work on the go.

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